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Training is a purposeful, skill-based, and adult-learning informed process designed to support educators’ knowledge, skills, and practices. Training is formal or experiential instruction intended to meet a specific, pre-established outcome or learning objective.

The IL MTSS-N provides training through a variety of modalities designed to meet the needs and preferences of diverse adult learners. Training is available in person across the state on a regional basis. Live, interactive webinars provide a personal touch without the need for travel. Recorded webinars and static online modules allow for learning in a flexible schedule and rate. All training opportunities are open to any interested party.

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IL MTSS-N Trainings – Scope and Sequence:

The following provides the scope and and suggested sequences for trainings offered by the IL MTSS-N. The trainings are listed by Strand, then by Topic and Training, and Method of Delivery.

System Framework


  • Coaching for MTSS Implementation
    • Coaching 1:  The What? Why? and How? of Coaching (Face-to-Face)
    • Coaching 2:  Creating Effective Teams and Meetings (Face-to-Face)
    • Coaching 3:  Communicating-Connecting-Relating (Face-to-Face)
    • Coaching 4:  System Change-Coaching Coaches (Face-to-Face)

Evidence Based Practices

Special Topics

  • Adaptive School Training (Face-to-Face)
  • Autism
    • Assessment Practices for Autism Spectrum Disorder
      • Part 1:  Assessment for Educational Program Planning (Online Learning)
      • Part 2:  7 Factors for Considerations:  Development of IEPs for Students with ASD (Online Learning)
    • First Signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder (Online Learning)
    • Social Skill Strategies and Support for Students with ASD
      • Part 1:  Social Skills and Strategies (Online Learning)
      • Part 2:  Social Skills and Strategies (Online Learning)
    • Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder (Online Learning)